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Helping Individuals And Businesses Protect What Matters

Whether they are personal or commercial, legal problems can pose a threat to the people and things that matter. Retaining a dedicated, proven legal advocate can help to address this threat and any others that may arise in the future.

For decades, attorney Stephen J. Kolski has helped business owners, families, and individuals throughout South Florida identify effective legal remedies for complex issues. Attorneys Stephen J. Kolski and John Cervera are long-time Floridians who use their local insight and vast understanding of the law to get favorable results for their clients.

Providing Assertive Representation In Florida’s Courtrooms

Attorneys Kolski and Cervera are experienced litigators, regularly representing clients in Florida courtrooms on civil matters that include:

  • Business and commercial litigation, such as partnership disputes and breach of contract matters
  • Family law conflicts regarding divorce, separation, child custody and support disputes
  • Representing both employees and employers in employment law matters that include wage and hour disputes and allegations of discrimination

Although lawyers Kolski and Cervera are always prepared to argue their case before a judge or jury, they recognize the costly impact that litigation can have on a business or family. As a result, they pursue out-of-court options before taking a case to court. It is important to work with a legal team that offers a variety of approaches to a legal problem.

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